Tid: 25. mai, 2022 kl. 10:00 - 14:45
Sted: Universitetet i Oslo, Georg Sverdrups hus, Moltke Moes vei, 0851 Oslo.

Arrangementet er åpent, men krever påmelding.

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10.00: Dennis Sullivan, Abelprisvinner 2022
Gathering chestnuts of math related to fluid motion

11:00: Michael J. Hopkins, Harvard University
The great wild manifold rodeo: Dennis Sullivan in algebraic topology

12:00: Lunsj

13:00: Étienne Ghys, ENS Lyon
Dynamics à la Dennis Sullivan

13:45: Jim Simons, matematiker, hedgefondforvalter og filantrop, USA
Mathematics, Common Sense and Good Luck
Matematiker Nils A. Baas og leder av Oljefondet, Nicolai Tangen i samtale med Jim Simons


By now the beautiful equations modeling incompressible fluid motion in three dimensional space have been singled out by a precise yes or no mathematical question that appears among the Clay Millennium Problems. If the answer is yes this gives credence to continue using only this model to build algorithms that will better predict and compute the complicated motion of fluids. If the answer is no the motivation for using this model for said algorithms persists especially if the counterexamples are not generic. However, the existence of observed turbulence with lots of structure suggests new ideas perturbing current modeling are called for. The lecture is about a few modest insights into this issue that have accrued over three decades of personal curiosity.